Professional Development
Devote to research and development is a fundamental guarantee for remaining invincible in the long-term competition of the small household electrical appliances market.

Professional Development

Being the earliest enterprise to develop shaving products in China, Yasun is experienced in the production and manufacture of small household electrical appliances. With strong technical force and sophisticated equipment, we have developed a number of new personal-care products and manufacturing processes with leading technology in China.

According to the market development trend and demands of consumers, Yasun introduces advanced automated equipment continuously to develop sophisticated products and update production techniques.

In 1995, reciprocating shavers were developed, which laid a good foundation for our shaving products.

In 2012, according to the development situation of shaving industry, our company introduced the most advanced mold manufacturing equipment, measuring instruments, automatic manipulator injection molding machine, etc. to develop intelligent shaving and trimming products, which were popular with international customers and gradually occupied the foreign high-end personal-care products market.

In 2017, our company further achieved successful invention of three head, four head and five head high-tech shavers and pioneered intelligent module shavers, with more than 20 patent applications filed. Based on the continuous improvement of technical level, the series of products above have become the main products of our company, which were sold well in the international market.

Innovation of science and technology and devotion to research and development are the foundation of our long-term invincible position in the small household electrical appliances industry market.

At the same time, we possess our own mold factory, focusing on research and development of products that accord with the effective demands of customers and the future trends of market.

Patented product

Proprietary technologies22+


R&D programs20+

The existing shavers are designed with long blades which keep longer length and larger volume. The lower end is driven by motor and gear, and the upper end is connected with the blade. Resulting in prolonged transmission device driving the blade to rotate. Such longer length of the shaver designed with long heads limits the number of driving blades, and it can not be used for extensive shaving. In addition, the floating blade of the shaver head is a challenge of design. Furthermore, the long transmission shaft of the existing shaver blade is unstable and easy to swing. In view of the above, Yasun develops a shaver head which can float up and down and provide 360° rotation.

With the improvement of life quality, people's demands for beauty are getting increasingly higher, especially the demand for more exquisite appearance. Accordingly, the inner space of products is getting increasingly smaller accordingly. The advantage of 360° rotary floating blade shaft is that it fits the skin of human body better and improve the comfort of user experience, which thus demands for higher floating feature of products. Therefore, our designed 360° rotary blade shaft exactly highlight its value.